My education and experience.



2012 - Present

CEO / Founder

CADWOLF is an advanced engineering platform that incorporates mathematics with CAD and documentation. The site uses the Angular framework with NGRX state management and Google's Firebase real time database system. Outside of the main app, the site uses the Laravel PHP framework on the back end and to send API calls to CAD platforms. It is deployed on Heroku and uses AWS where necessary.

The Political Guide

2010 - 2012

CEO / Founder

The political guide was an effort to create an impartial information source for congressional and presidential elections. While the site was somewhat successful, I realized early on that its success was limited by the whims of google.

GHG - Lockheed Martin

2008 - 2010

Structural Engineer

For 18 months, I worked as a structural design engineer on the the Orion space capsule. I mathematically designed components, modeled them in CAD, and then guided the systems into testing.

Neptec International

2005 - 2008

Operations Engineer

Neptec made a laser system that scanned the bottom of the space shuttle for damage in the wake of Columbia shuttle disaster. I worked on console during missions providing support and developed tests to aid in the performance of the system when the shuttle was not flying.


University of Texas at Austin

1998 - 2003

BS Aerospace Engineering

The basic aerospace engineering degree is similar to a mechanical engineering degree with the addition of vector calculas, orbital mechanics, and fluid flow. I focused my studies on structures and fluid flow.

University of Texas at Austin

2003 - 2005

MS Aerospace Engineering

I focused my studies in graduate school on structural concepts such as finite elements and fluid flow. My thesis work involved the effects of ice accrual on a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B. I also worked on interpreting vibrations recorded on cockpit voice recorders with respect to aircraft health.

Military Service


1994 - 1998

Reconnassiance Marine

Upon graduating high school, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps as an infantryman. Not long after joining the corps, I joined the reconnassiance battalion and attended a number of schools, including airborne school.