My Skills

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My skill set and education

I have a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. I have designed components for the space vehicles and was classically trained in C++, Matlab, and Labview. I spend most of my free time expanding my knowledge on frameworks and languages as well as learning new ones. I have included a list of completed courses to demonstrate this.


I am very proficient in Angular, have built a few apps in it, and I am continually growing my understanding of the framework.


I am somewhat new to NgRX, but I have used it to implement state management within a large application.


I have also built apps in React and am proficient in the platform.


Having worked in Firebase, I also studied Node with Express and MongoDB. While well read, I do not have much experience building full apps with Node.

Laravel / PHP

When I have a need to deliver sites without a front end framework, I usually use Laravel. I have built a number of sites with the framework.


While I have not built large applications with Python, I have used it to build a large solution system for solving equations in CADWOLF.


I have built a couple of apps with Firebase and am very proficient in using it to create real time applications.


I have used Postgres and other relational databases to build a number of apps.


I have used MySQL and other relational databases to build a number of apps.

Karma / Jasmine

I have done unit testing and Angular with a Karma/Jasmine stack.

Udemy Classes

Angular Core Deep Dive

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

Learn Angular 5 from Scratch

Testing Angular 4

Learn and Understand AngularJS

NgRx with NgRx Data - The Complete Guide

Node.js: The complete guide to build Restful APIs

Learn and Understand NodeJS

Firebase & Firestore Masterclass

MySQL Database Development for Beginners